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31st January 2023 0

Whenever I speak with someone looking to publish their first board game using Kickstarter, I always emphasize the same 3 things. These recommendations are designed to give you the best chance of succeeding while setting the foundations for growing a company.


22nd November 2022 0

Running a Kickstarter can be a thrill, between social media, emails, direct messages, and the Kickstarter page itself, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the buzz. Then suddenly it stops, the notifications die down and you return to the before times.


27th October 2022 1

The middle of a crowdfunding campaign can be a challenging time and you will always want things to share and talk about. One of my favourite mid-campaign strategies is to work with Semi Co-op, who make comics about the board gaming hobby.


18th October 2022 0

I am a big fan of guerrilla marketing and one of my most successful strategies has been to carry a box around convention halls. When I’m trying to promote a new game you’ll see me walking the halls and holding it proudly.