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The City of Kings Refreshed
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The Isle of Cats

Join the rescue mission to the Isle of Cats and save as many cats as possible before the evil Lord Vesh arrives.

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Race to the Raft

Find out what happened to the cats we left behind as you try to navigate the burning Isle of Cats and race to the raft.

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The City of Kings

Play the roles of the surviving leaders and defeat the armies of Vesh over a series of 7 stories and 12 scenarios in this epic puzzle adventure.

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Vadoran Gardens

Feed animals, water plants, and clean ancient relics as you walk through the Vadoran gardens learning lessons.

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Explore & Draw

Explore the island and draw your discoveries on your boat in this travel friendly edition of The Isle of Cats.

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Publishing Lessons

Everything you need to know about publishing board games and running a crowdfunding project can be found right here.

Learn about manufacturing, logistics, designing a Kickstarter page, and much more with Frank’s free publishing lessons.

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