5th May 2022 Frank West0

Today I would like to share my approach to mid campaign updates and talk about how I plan my updates and the frequency I like to send them. Over the years I’ve found the frequency of updates to be very important, if you send too many people will stop reading them, they’ll get frustrated with the spam, and it can be a negative. Yet, if you don’t send enough, it can cause your project to dry up and lead to concern from your backers.

28th April 2022 Frank West0

Designing a great game is not an easy challenge but taking a great game and making it a success is even harder. Unless you already have a large enough following it doesn’t matter how good or how pretty a game is, you still need to find a way to let people know about it. In 2018 I was working on The Isle of Cats and I asked myself: What do I need to do to sell one hundred thousand copies of this game?