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28th June 2024 4

When designing a complex game, traditional playtesting methods might not always provide the insights you need. Recently, I organised an intensive playtesting event to focus on my newest game's flow, learning curve, and overall player experience. Here's how it went and why I would recommend this approach to others.


19th June 2024 0

As I've developed more games, I've also come to appreciate the importance of high-quality prototypes. Not so much with the first versions, but as a game progresses, it’s crucial to touch and feel the components. Today, I want to share three not-so-cheap tools that I’ve loved ever since they arrived.


17th August 2023 0

A lot of new designers come to me trying to figure out whether they should search for a publisher or self-publish their game, but sometimes I think there is a better third option.


15th August 2023 0

As humans, we often surround ourselves with like-minded individuals, increasing the odds of being liked and fostering enduring friendships. This practice is normal, but knowing people beyond our usual circles holds significant value.


10th August 2023 4

When I work on a new game I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want it to achieve. Today I’ll be looking at my next unannounced game and sharing some of the goals I hope to accomplish during its development.


27th July 2023 2

In the weeks leading up to Gen Con, social media fills with people discussing which games they are looking forward to, and a buzz of excitement grows in the gaming community. But just how important is this for a game?


20th July 2023 2

I often say that connecting a group of mechanisms to create a game is easy, but discovering a way to do it that results in a fun experience is the true challenge of game design. So how do we find the fun?