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31st January 2023 0

Whenever I speak with someone looking to publish their first board game using Kickstarter, I always emphasize the same 3 things. These recommendations are designed to give you the best chance of succeeding while setting the foundations for growing a company.


26th January 2023 0

This week I started rolling out a new website for The City of Games and I’d like to share some of the decisions that were made. The new website was designed to be more accessible to people who are new to my games and offer a better way to explore my world.


12th January 2023 0

Websites have a tendency to get outdated so over the next month I’ll be updating this website and making some fairly large changes. Today I’d like to look at some of the reasons for the upcoming changes and why I believe it’s important to give your website a refresh every so often.


10th January 2023 0

This morning I sent the final 2 files for Race to the Raft to my factory for printing, the campaign booklets. Between the 2 books there are 109 scenarios available to play and designing them has offered unique challenges.


5th January 2023 6

Making a board game is expensive and once you have selected a manufacturer it is important you have agreed an approach to sampling. Receiving samples gives you the opportunity to make sure your game is being made correctly, nothing has been missed, and that the final product matches your expectations.


29th December 2022 2

I have now written 100 publishing lessons which are all freely available on my website. The lessons include a variety of topics such as manufacturing, shipping, VAT, translating, crowdfunding, pricing your game, and many more, and I look forward to writing another 100 lessons in 2023!