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16th March 2023 0

Making a physical game is hard, not only do you have to design the game but then you need to put together artwork and rules, you need to get the components right, manufacture and assemble the game, and then ship it somewhere. There are countless steps and the chance of a mistake happening is high, but just how costly is it?


9th March 2023 0

People play games to have fun, they don’t want to get beat down over and over, they crave the feeling of making good decisions and being rewarded. I enjoy the other side of things and want to struggle, so let’s take a look at the biggest lesson I’ve learned to date.


7th March 2023 0

Meeples are one of the most popular components in modern board games and are frequently used as a way of upgrading cardboard tokens. They are also one of the simplest components to get made assuming you provide your manufacturer with the following information.


2nd March 2023 2

Cards appear in many games and over the years I’ve learned a number of important things to get the best out of them. If you plan to add cards to your game, then I recommend following these 5 tips!


28th February 2023 2

There comes a time in every creators first project where they have to put together a specification document for manufacturers to quote on. For seasoned veterans this is a fairly easy task as you quickly become familiar with the available options, but if you’re getting your first quotes it can be challenging to know what to ask for.


23rd February 2023 0

As the battle for the board game crowdfunding space goes on, we’re starting to see more features and services being offered by the competing platforms. gamefound are perhaps leading the charge when it comes to new options and I’d like to highlight 3 great benefits of using gamefound for your next project.


21st February 2023 2

I have a confession to make, I suck at using Instagram. For 7 years I’ve been wasting opportunities and letting my account slip into the abyss but that’s all about to change!


16th February 2023 0

During a games design process, I spend a considerable amount of time exploring how a solo mode could work, and what approach to take. I want to provide an experience for solo players that is as close as possible to the multiplayer experience while adding the fewest number of extra steps for the player as possible.


14th February 2023 2

I play a lot of board games and have an open taste, always looking to discover new experiences and see how people are advancing the hobby. As a publisher, I find it fascinating to see the new ideas that come out each year, and I would like to discuss a few games I am excited to try.