Work with us

The City of Games currently only has 1 full time member of staff but we do work with a number of contractors on a game-by-game basis. While we aren’t currently looking to hire any new members of staff, we are always interested in hearing from people who believe they can contribute something positive to the company.

If you are interested then please fill in the application form here and it will be read immediately. Any applications we wish to explore further will be responded to within 72 hours, if you don’t hear anything then please know we are grateful for your time and may be in touch in the future should something change.

Thank you for your interested in joining the team.


Replacement parts

If you have a missing or damaged item and would like to request replacement parts, then please complete the form here.

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Media application

If you would like to review or produce other media content of our games, then please submit your application here.

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