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1st June 2023 2

I am currently on the show floor at the UK Games Expo, preparing for tomorrow's opening, and am no doubt running around like a lost puppy trying to get everything ready. If you are attending, then I'd love to say hello. I'll be at stand 1-823 for the entire show.


6th April 2023 4

We are about to enter the Easter weekend which in the UK means 4 entire days devoted to eating chocolate, and I hope regardless of whether Easter is a holiday you celebrate, that you get to enjoy a tasty treat this weekend as well!

The plans for 2023

I have always wanted to keep all my games, expansions, and accessories available for anyone around the world but this has been tricky over the past couple of years. The costs of shipping skyrocketed which meant I had to be a bit more careful on restocking older games.

The good news is prices of freight shipping have come back down and I’m now working hard to restock just about everything The City of Games has ever made. I’m hoping by the end of 2023 that the days of out of stock games will be behind us and I appreciate your patience with this.

There will also be some new surprises later this year and while Race to the Raft will be the big new game hitting stores, I’m hopeful we’ll see a few other items releasing this year as well.

I can’t say too much just yet but I think for the first time in a long time I can say there will be something for everyone and I am very excited about it!

Publisher lessons

This month in publisher lessons I discussed the following topics:

An update on Frank

I have managed to play a lot of new to me games recently including 7 Wonders Duel, Skulls of Sedlec, Beyond the Sun and Colourful, which I really enjoyed. I also managed to sit down with Sara and watch The Whale which turned out to be a fantastic movie that I highly recommend watching.

Until next time

I’m currently working on a lot of small projects which I’m looking forward to revealing later this year but for now my priority continues to be getting Race to the Raft made and into your hands.

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2nd February 2023 0

Perhaps the most common request I received in 2022 was for a restock of The City of Kings, its expansions and various accessories. If you are interested in a particular item, please visit the store and request a back in stock notification for anything you'd like to receive.


8th December 2022 0

This will be the last update of 2022 and it has been an incredible year, with The Isle of Cats expansions releasing in the first half and Race to the Raft launching on Kickstarter towards the end. I was so glad I got to see many of you at shows again and I’m thankful for your continued support.