16 June 2016

Going on an adventure wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t with your friends so we made The City of Kings a cooperative game where you have to work together to survive.

As you complete quests, kill monsters and progress the story you will gain experience points (XP) which are used to level up. However, we are tired of games where the experienced players run around and the new players get left behind. Where letting your friend take the mighty sword means you’ll be the one who is left behind, not being able to kill creatures and not gaining the rewards.

Sappers Way
Sappers Way

A team effort

With this in mind we decided to create a shared XP tracker, meaning any XP gained goes to the group pool and when one person does something great, you all get the rewards. Every time enough XP is gained to level up, everyone levels up and gets a reward.

This way all players will remain equally strong with your character customisation being the distinguishing factor.

The City
of Kings

A Cooperative Adventure

The City of Kings is a tactical roleplaying puzzle based board game for 1 - 4 players, where your character is tasked with exploring the hazardous world, trading for vital resources, and battling your enemies whilst uncovering a story of a world imperilled.

The City of Kings features full character customisation, resource management, board exploration and roleplaying style ‘quests’ for an innovative blend of gaming experience.


Vadoran Gardens

Vadoran Gardens

A competitive puzzle

Vadoran Gardens is a standalone competitive card-drafting and tile-laying card game, set in The City of Kings universe. Players take it in turns to play cards while trying to connect similar tasks such as feeding animals, watering flowers and cleaning relics, as they try and complete the lessons set by Old V'Sheel.


Adventurers Needed!

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