Lesson Card: Focus

Vadoran Gardens Refreshed

Vadoran Gardens contains multiple Lesson Cards, the most complicated of these are the two Focus Cards which are explained on this page.


For the following example, we will assume the Horizontal Lesson Card is in play.


When a Focus card has been revealed, you will need to select two of the four cards in your hand.


You must then place one of the two cards over all 3 squares of the right most column of the other card.


This gives you two options for how to combine the chosen cards.

Note. The right most card must go on top and cannot go under the left most card.


Finally, you will place these 2 cards as if they were one card onto your Garden Path, following all the usual rules.


Focus: Vertical works exactly the same way as Focus: Horizontal, except you must place one of the two chosen cards over all 3 squares of the bottom row of the other card.


Again, this gives you two options for how to combine the chosen cards.

Note. The bottom card must go on top and cannot go under the top card.


Remember, once you have played your two chosen cards you must draw 1 card from the Pathway deck to replace the extra card you played this turn.

How to play

Learn how to play Vadoran Gardens by watching a video or download the rulebook for the game here.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions and get clarifications on how specific cards work here.

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