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Vadoran Gardens Refreshed

Welcome to the official FAQ for Vadoran Gardens, on this page you will find answers to all the frequently asked questions about the game.

How do the focus lesson cards work?

You can find a detailed explanation of how the Focus: Horizontal and Focus: Vertical cards work here.

Card sleeves

I would like to sleeve my cards, what do I need?

Vadoran Gardens game:

  • 81 sleeves that fit 70mm x 70mm cards.
  • 41 sleeves that fit 44m x 67mm cards.

I have a different question

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As the questions come in, we’ll continue to update this page.

How to play

Learn how to play Vadoran Gardens by watching a video or download the rulebook for the game here.

Learn how to play


Watch Vadoran Gardens being played and hear from independent reviewers about their thoughts on the game.

Watch a video

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