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The City of Kings Refreshed

We’ve put together a basic guide to help you get started with making your own scenarios for The City of Kings!

Before you begin, you should download the scenario template kit here.

How to create a scenario?

Creating a scenario for The City of Kings can be a quick simple process, or a long complex one, depending on how much you want to customise the rules. This guide will start with the basics.

Step 1. The story and objective

The first thing you will need to do is write a story and set an objective.

The story can be anything, but the preference is for something that fits within the theme of the world. You can read the lore on the character sheets, creature templates and a few of the existing scenarios to help come up with ideas. The more you play the game and read the stories, the easier you may find it to add in to the existing stories.

The standard objectives are:

  • Fight Something(s).
  • Gather some resources.
  • Build a building tile.
  • Escort an NPC to a location.
  • Travel to a location.

For new creators, I recommend choosing one of these, but it is possible to come up with your own objective!

Step 2. Map tiles

The next step is to choose the map tiles you wish to use, there are 16 sets of map tiles and you will need to choose a combination of those sets.

For scenarios I recommend sets which add up to 19 map tiles. You can choose more, but typically this will extend the length of playtime to more than 2 hours.

Full map tile breakdown:

Set 1 (14 tiles)

This is the core set which adds all the resources, shops, quest hubs and a few creatures. It’s often great to use this a starting point and add tiles to it.

Ageless Realms (10 tiles)

  • Creature spawn – The Cave of T’Lokk
  • Creature spawn – The Astrographer’s Tower
  • Fish resource – Quietsea
  • Fish resource – Moon Lake
  • Ore resource – The Granite Halls
  • Ore resource – Cogshead Works
  • Quest hub – The Inn of Lost Hope
  • Shop – The Hyzicki Caravans
  • Wood resource – Oak Wood
  • Wood resource – Melian Forest

Azure Rise (4 tiles)

  • Creature spawn – The Tower of the North Wind
  • Linen resource – Menash Greenlands
  • Shop – Crowfeather Market
  • Stable – Sterncastle Paddock
Set 2 (2 tiles)

Ageless Realms (2 tiles)

  • Creature spawn – Vestan’s Curse
  • Quest hub – Olstan’s Way
Set 3 (3 tiles)

This is a creature set, that adds creature map tiles only.

Ageless Realms (1 tile)

  • Creature spawn – Cripplewood Canyons

Azure Rise (2 tiles)

  • Creature spawn – Howling Heath
  • Creature spawn – Darkwood Trees
Set 4 (2 tiles)

Ageless Realms (1 tile)

  • Quest hub – Freegrove

Azure Rise (1 tile)

  • Linen Resource – High Meadows
Set 5 (3 tiles)

This set adds basic resources to Azure Rise and can be good for resource heavy scenarios.

Azure Rise (3 tiles)

  • Fish resource – Undine’s Wash
  • Ore resource – The Diamond Halls
  • Wood resource – Wolfswood
Set 6 (5 tiles)

Ageless Realms (2 tiles)

  • Pit – Pit
  • Stronghold – Steward Rancor’s Fort

Azure Rise (3 tiles)

  • Pit – Pit
  • Quest hub – The Marred Hand
  • Stronghold – The Herald’s Gate
Set 7 (2 tiles)

Ageless Realms (2 tiles)

  • Shrine – The House of the Eastern Wind
  • Stable – Boswitch Grounds
Set 8 (2 tiles)

Ageless Realms (1 tile)

  • Farm – Ged’s Farm

Azure Rise (1 tile)

  • Quest hub – The Old Clocktower Ruins
Set 9 (1 tile)

Ageless Realms (1 tile)

  • Buff (attack) – The Telmarren Grove
Set 10 (2 tiles)

This set adds the 2 hardest spawn points and can help up the difficulty of a scenario.

Azure Rise (2 tiles)

  • Creature spawn – Gibbet Cross
  • Creature spawn – Ravenswood Town
Set 11 (4 tiles)

This set adds strategic elements to the board, allowing you to up the difficulty of creatures and requiring more positional play for players.

Ageless Realms (3 tiles)

  • Buff (move) – The Sappers Way
  • Buff (range) – Giant’s Foot Peak
  • Stables – Greenacre Stables

Azure Rise (1 tile)

  • Buff (range) – Dragon’s Ridge
Set 12 (1 tile)

Azure Rise (1 tile)

  • Shrine – The Shrine of The Hidden Sun
Set 13 (2 tiles)

Ageless Realms (1 tile)

  • Buff (Heal) – The Pools of Aranwyn

Azure Rise (1 tile)

  • Stronghold – Blackthorn Manor
Set 14 (1 tile)

Ageless Realms (1 tile)

  • Quest hub – Wayland’s Crossroads
Set 15 (2 tiles)

Pits can be used to force players to take longer paths and adds more strategy to combat. When using this set, one of the tiles must start face up, otherwise it is possible for players to get stuck.

Ageless Realms (1 tile)

  • Pit – Pit

Azure Rise (1 tile)

  • Pit – Pit
Set 16 (1 tile)

Azure Rise (1 tile)

  • Named location – Cloud Keep

Step 3. Layout

With the map tiles selected, you will need to design a layout for them.

I recommend keeping it square or rectangular, many of the battles require positional play and having oddly shaped maps can put creatures in very difficult positions.

There is a table in the scenario template you can use to design your map layout.

Face up tiles and positioned items

Once you’ve chosen a layout, you will also need to decide if any map tiles start face up, and whether any extra items are on the board at setup.

You could place temporary structures, tokens or creatures on your map.

Step 4. Starting stats

The toughest part of designing a scenario is choosing some interesting starting stats to make your objective more challenging to complete.

You can pick any numbers you like, but here are some general rules to keep your scenario balanced.


Typically, 1 hope reflects 45 minutes of play for an average group.

It varies per player count, and based on the complexity of the level, but this is a great guide line.

1 hope: 45 minutes
2 hope: 1.5 hours
3 hope: 2.25 hours
4 hope: 3 hours


Unless your story says otherwise, it’s great to start at midnight so players first turn is Early Morning.

Balancing time per player count is a little trickier and often depends on the complexity of your scenario, but if in doubt, the following works well before playtesting.

Hope: 1
2-player: Midnight
3-player: Midnight
4-player: Early Morning

Hope: 2
2-player: Midnight
3-player: Early Morning
4-player: Late Morning

Hope: 3
2-player: Midnight
3-player: Late Morning
4-player: Afternoon

Hope: 4
2-player: Midnight
3-player: Afternoon
4-player: Evening


Always start with 3 unless there is reason not to!

XP / Stats / Skills / Creature Stat Bars

This is the hardest part to get right as there are endless possibilities, if you would like to balance your own there here are some rules:

XP – The higher the starting XP, the slower players will level and the harder it will be for them to be more powerful.

Stats / Skills – You typically want players to have slightly more stats and skills than they would have if they got to the starting amount of XP by normal progression.

Creature Stat Bars – The higher the starting stat bar, the more stats and skills players need to start with.

Some standard combinations are:

XP – 0
Stats – 0
Skills – 0
Creature Stat Bar – 1

XP – 3
Stats – 2
Skills – 0
Creature Stat Bar – 3

XP – 5
Stats – 4
Skills – 2
Creature Stat Bar – 5

XP – 8
Stats – 4
Skills – 4
Creature Stat Bar – 6

XP – 10
Stats – 6
Skills – 4
Creature Stat Bar – 7

Remember. The higher these numbers are, the more challenging your scenario will be!


If you are starting players at a higher level, then it can be great to give them some starting equipment to set some goals for them to work towards.

Step 5. Starting locations

Finally, you just need to decide where the heroes and workers are going to start in your scenario.

Step 6. Put it all together

You now have everything you need to create a scenario, so why not download the scenario template kit and start filling it in?

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