How to play The City of Kings

Game overview

The City of Kings supports 1 – 4 players and can be played in 2 ways, by choosing either a scenario or a story.

Scenarios (1 – 1.5 hours)

Scenarios are quick ways to play the game offering smaller challenges of varying difficulty. They focus on different aspects such as combat or gathering resources and provide endless ways to play, and you can even create your own!

Stories (1.5 – 3 hours)

There are 7 stories to play, each story has its own objectives and continues a narrative introducing you to the world and characters. Stories are the heart of The City of Kings and will provide you with a challenging, immersive experience.


Let’s go

Once you have chosen a story or scenario, each player will need to choose a hero to play. Each hero can be customised by levelling up, allowing you to create your own role.

Perhaps you want to be a long-range attacker or a fast moving, short range healer. If you’d prefer to focus on absorbing damage (tanking) or managing workers, then you can do that too! There are 90 customisable stat points and 12 skills per hero, so you never have to play the same way twice.


The City of Kings is played in rounds, during each round you will check if you have completed your objective, update the time tracker and then each player will perform their turn.

Players will move across the board turning over tiles, discovering resources, side quests, hazards, building sites, traders, creatures and more.


Each player will control multiple characters, their hero and their own workers, who can be used to gather resources, build structures, explore and place traps.


When you encounter creatures they will be generated from a simple set of rules creating a challenging creature for you to defeat. There are over 10,000,000 possible creatures to fight and each will require you to come up with a strategy to defeat it.


Creatures are persistent, staying on the board until they are defeated. There are no dice*, if your attack stat is 5, you will do 5 damage. You will need to work together, using your environment to absorb the creatures attacks, keep each other alive and to find a way to overcome the creatures’ powerful abilities.

* For players who like to roll dice, there is an optional character stat which you can level up, allowing you to roll dice to modify your attack and heal actions.


The Blood-Letter’s chase Vyliria and Earthshaker around the board setting fire to the environment. Our heroes try to survive whilst their workers build up the Shrine, giving them the additional strength they need to defeat the creature.

The City of Kings offers endless puzzles requiring true cooperation, full character customisation, roleplaying quests, resource management and an immersive experience that we hope you will love.


You can download the latest version of the rulebook here and the quick reference booklet here.


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