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The City of Kings Refreshed

Welcome to the official FAQ for The City of Kings, on this page you will find answers to all the frequently asked questions about the game.

Fire/poison tokens

Do fire tokens do damage when they are place?

Yes! When a fire token is placed on a map tile, it immediately does damage to any heroes and/or creatures on the map tile.

Do poison tokens get moved to a character sheet as soon as they are place?

Yes! When a poison token is placed on a map tile, if there is a hero or a creature on that tile, the poison token is immediately removed from the map tile. All heroes and creatures on the map tile, then place a poison token on their character sheet/creature template.

How do you remove poison?

Poison can be removed in 2 ways:

  • You can visit The City of Kings tile, which removes all impairments from your character sheet.
  • You can use a “Remove poison” skill, which can be found on some characters skill trees.

Note. The Time Tracker does not affect poison tokens once they have been placed on a character sheet.

Story and scenario setup

Do I place creatures during setup?

When setting up a story/scenario that has revealed creature tiles, you should not set up a creature on these tiles unless the card specifically says otherwise.

Do creatures placed during story/scenario set up instantly activate?

No! When a creature or boss is set up due to a story or scenario card, it does not activate until the start of the next round.

Map tile bonuses

If a story/scenario instructs you to place a creature on a creature map tile, the creature does not get the bonus abilities the map tile would grant when explored.


Skills with multiple actions

When activating a skill which shows 2 actions under its description, you must spend 2 action tokens in order to activate the skill.

For example, T’lorra’s Wish skill requires you to place 1 action token on the move action space, and another on the heal action space in order to activate it.


What is a mine?

Mines are resource tiles which produce ore. All Mine map tiles will contain the gather icon and ore icon in the top left corner.


Where are the Ageless Realms and Azure Rise?

The Ageless Realms refers to the green map tiles and Azure Rise refers to the red map tiles.


Are minions creatures?

Minions are not creatures, and do not count towards “kill creature” objectives.

What happens to a minion when the creature that created it dies?

Nothing! The minion remains on the board, looking lost and confused and waits for a new master to come along and give it new instructions.

Minions without a master will still trap workers, but otherwise will not perform actions unless a new master comes along.

Side Quests

Banquet of Peace

Option B says:

“Take 1 fish to The City of Kings.”

This should say:

“Take 10 fish to The City of Kings.”


Escort scenarios

During escort scenarios, the NPC token representing the person you are escorting can not move if it is on a tile with a creature. If the NPC is on the same tile as a creature, then you will need to either kill the creature, or make it move before you can continue to escort the NPC.

Children of lesser men

Part b of the Board Set Up states you should use Boss Bar 1 but it does not mention which template to use. You can use any creature template for this scenario, you should not use one of the boss templates.


Story 5: Legendary Challenge

The set up for the Legendary Challenge of story 5 should ready “place the first to the West (instead of North), and the second to the South”.

Card sleeves

I would like to sleeve my cards, what do I need?

The City of Kings game:

  • 28 sleeves that fit 44mm x 67mm cards.
  • 62 sleeves that fit 70mm x 120mm cards.
  • 156 sleeves that fit 63mm x 88mm cards.
  • 139 sleeves that fit 70mm x 70mm cards.

Character Pack 1

  • 22 sleeves that fit 70mm x 120mm cards.

Character Pack 2

  • 22 sleeves that fit 70mm x 120mm cards.

Side Quest Pack 1

  • 50 sleeves that fit 63mm x 88mm cards.

Dexterity Micro Expansion:

  • 9 sleeves that fit 63mm x 88mm cards.

Kickstarter Pack:

  • 4 sleeves that fit 63mm x 88mm cards.

Costume Pack:

  • 4 sleeves that fit 63mm x 88mm cards.

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  • Nuran

    16th October 2023 at 7:44 pm

    Hi! Just wondering, why bosses at the end of each story gives XP after defeat, if all progress rebooted on the start of next story? Thanks


    • Frank West

      17th October 2023 at 10:03 am

      Hi Nuran, great question!

      After completing a story you can optionally continue into the heroic and legendary challenges which offer further challenges, and the XP rewarded from the bosses often helps towards this.


  • RipTail

    6th April 2024 at 7:52 am

    For the new edition (Refreshed), can we play the game with only one hero or we still need to control two heroes per game? Thanks.


    • Frank West

      7th April 2024 at 11:17 am

      Hi RipTail,

      The City of Kings solo mode requires you to play 2 or more characters and this hasn’t changed in the Refreshed Edition, and wont change in the future. During development of the game many different solo modes were designed and tested, and they all showed the core systems of the game required multiple heroes on the map to provide the best experience, leading to the multi-handed style solo mode that is in the game today.

      I hope this helps!


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