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6th July 2023 8

One of the biggest decisions a publisher has to make is whether they should move forward with a game. Whenever I start on a new project, I’m constantly challenging myself and asking questions to better understand if this should be my next game.


29th June 2023 2

If you want to play a board game, then you only need two things: a game and a surface to play it on. However, something I have noticed over the years is that many creators only focus on the first of these two things, and they leave it up to the player to worry about finding a big enough surface.


27th June 2023 2

Making board games for a living is hard, but so is starting any business! I only have to walk down my local high street to see how many businesses have come and gone over the years. You need to get a lot of things right if you want to stand a chance of succeeding. Let’s take a look at a few reasons you might fail and how we can avoid them.


20th June 2023 0

I have started to notice that early access is becoming a common feature of pre-order campaigns for video games and honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about it…


15th June 2023 0

Running a business can be hard work, and you alone are responsible for managing your time so that you can enjoy relaxing moments before things get tough. It's a critical part of being successful, and I would recommend that everyone learns to identify their own big events.


14th June 2023 0

I have just finished watching the internet show Elevated which focusses on helping lesser-known creators be found. There was a lot to discover, could this work in the board game industry?


8th June 2023 5

I often like to look at what people are doing in other industries to promote their products and something I’ve been following for a while is Twitch drops. It’s a fantastic system but could it work with board games?