24th March 2022 Frank West2

The board game industry has grown considerably over the last few years with countless individuals trying to make a game. Crowdfunding has provided creators with the necessary tools to be able to fund their own ideas and turn their dreams into realities, it’s a great time to be a creative! The problem however is how do you stand out, what will make people notice you, and support your game.

22nd March 2022 Frank West0

Making a board game is pretty easy, you can grab some paper, a pen, and some scissors, and within a few hours you can have something that’s playable. It is one of the reasons I love designing board games as it is such an accessible process. Designing games however is only part of the process, as a publisher it is our job to take a game to the next level.

8th March 2022 Frank West0

Pricing a product can be tricky and without the right experience you may end up selling your game at a price that just doesn’t work. It is made harder by the fact there is no correct approach and different people will tell you different things based on their own situation. Today I’m going back to the beginning, I’m not going to talk about how I would price my next game, but rather how I would, and how I did price my first game.