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8th December 2022 10

7 years ago, I was sitting in a room waiting for 3 people to turn up and play my brand-new board game. It was the first time I had ever playtested a physical game with people not involved in its development and I had no idea what to expect. These days my approach to playtesting is entirely different and I’d to share my 6 steps of testing.


24th November 2022 2

Last month I discussed the quick digital demo that I had just released for Race to the Raft, with the idea of letting people get a taste of the game before having to make a purchase decision. It has now been live for a month, and I thought I would review the data so far.


22nd November 2022 0

Running a Kickstarter can be a thrill, between social media, emails, direct messages, and the Kickstarter page itself, it can be easy to get wrapped up in the buzz. Then suddenly it stops, the notifications die down and you return to the before times.