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6th April 2023 0

When it comes to board game publishing there are many examples of companies that have grown to a considerable size with just 1 person behind the wheel, and there are others that have gone ahead as a team. Whether you need a team depends on a number of factors.


4th April 2023 0

After what was likely a lengthy process of designing, crowdfunding, and manufacturing a game, you have one step left – Get the game to your backers hands. Picking the right fulfilment partner is crucial as in this case cheaper isn’t always better.


30th March 2023 5

It’s November 10th 2021 and an email arrives, how would you feel about us featuring The Isle of Cats in our game? It’s not the first time I’ve received such an email, but this time it was a little different...


28th March 2023 2

After a slightly scary weekend I was reminded of a topic that I hate to talk about but think is incredibly important to plan for. Most of us are familiar with the concept of wills and what would happen if we were to pass, but as a business owner, have you ever considered a business will?


23rd March 2023 2

I always thought getting into distribution would instantly take The City of Games to the next level, and in some ways I was right, but I hadn’t considered just how slow the process would be. I quickly discovered that distribution is a gradual process of trust building and growing relationships.


21st March 2023 2

Running a business can be a very joyful experience and over the years The City of Games has created some of the happiest moments of my life. Today I’d like to look back at some of those moments.


16th March 2023 0

Making a physical game is hard, not only do you have to design the game but then you need to put together artwork and rules, you need to get the components right, manufacture and assemble the game, and then ship it somewhere. There are countless steps and the chance of a mistake happening is high, but just how costly is it?


9th March 2023 3

People play games to have fun, they don’t want to get beat down over and over, they crave the feeling of making good decisions and being rewarded. I enjoy the other side of things and want to struggle, so let’s take a look at the biggest lesson I’ve learned to date.


7th March 2023 0

Meeples are one of the most popular components in modern board games and are frequently used as a way of upgrading cardboard tokens. They are also one of the simplest components to get made assuming you provide your manufacturer with the following information.