Kickstarter Advice – First time creators on Kickstarter

The overall scores showed the importance of having created a previous project was not too high, but still important to some with a score of 285, so let’s dive a little deeper.


In total we had 763 responses to the question “How important is it that the creator has run previous campaigns for a board game on Kickstarter?”

Make it go away 1.8%
Not important 13.4%
Doesn’t matter 40.6%
Important 34%
Very important 10.2%

The numbers show that nearly 45% of people view a creator’s history as important with 40% not minding either way. Unfortunately, this isn’t something a first time creator can really change and it’s up to them, as a creator, to find a way to re-assure potential backers of their ability to deliver a great project.

One positive take is only 10% of people see your history as very important so I believe it is possible to win over at least 34% of backers through good presentation, growing a community and building your reputation prior to launch.

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