Kickstarter Advice – Early birds on Kickstarter

The overall scores showed Early Birds as the second least important part of a Kickstarter with a score of -625, but let’s dive a little deeper.


In total we had 763 responses to the question “How important are early birds to you for a board game on Kickstarter?”.

Make it go away 36%
Not important 23.2%
Doesn’t matter 29%
Important 10.2%
Very important 1.6%


These numbers are very telling with roughly 1/3 of people saying they want early birds to disappear and you could summarise this table by saying 88.2% of people would be fine if you don’t have early birds.

The 10.2% of people saying they are important is still a large amount of people but when you compare it to the 36% who want them to go away, it feels you will make people happier overall by not having them.

The conclusion? I won’t be putting early birds on any of my campaigns, whilst they may help boost initial sales, upsetting a large percentage of my potential backers is something I will actively look to avoid.

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