T’Lorra the Blessed

The last High Priestess of the Vadora, T’Lorra had expected to lead a life of meditation, flying, and contemplation of The Fallen before Vesh appeared. When Vesh’s client-ally, the murderous Hoodah Kelraz launched his attack on Cloud Keep, T’Lorra the Blessed’s people knew that they had just one thing to do; Protect their leader. They swarmed around her and took to the sky. As arrows filled the air and makar turned the sky red thousands were killed, each Vadora in the swarm repositioning to keep her protected.


As T’Lorra approached the City of Kings in her cocoon of sacrificial guards, an arrow found a brief opening, piercing her wing and causing her to fall to the ground. She will never fly again. Whilst the Vadora are a peaceful race, T’Lorra the Blessed can do nothing but think about the countless left enslaved in the city, as well as all those who gave their lives for her and how she must do whatever it takes to free her people!

T’Lorra’s skill tree