The lady Sesharra is a fierce warrior, quick and savage, and an expert with her spear and stealthy attacks. Before Vesh she was the leader of a successful pride, one of the few to make contact with the humans at trading sights, as well as the only Sakura to have taken down a rare Southern Mammoth. She was well-thought of amongst the Sakura, and although there are no Kings or Queens amongst this disparate people, her word at the rare tribal meetings would hold a large sway of the crowd.


When the shadows crossed the sky, and the nets fell, Sesharra was sleeping on her home rock, waking to the cry of her people and watching in horror as the fires spread out quickly across the nets.

To escape she had to rip her way through the burning nets, surrounded by fire and fumes, and then run for days across the desert. By the time that she was found by Earthshaker, she was near-starved, exhausted, and half dead – collapsing outside of the only place that she had heard from the trading sights that might remotely be safe: the City of Kings. Her hand was so badly burned that it had to be removed.

No one knows whether any other Sakura survived, and Sesharra goes out most nights to hunt for word of her kin but always returns alone.

Sesharra’s skill tree