The Big ‘2-minute’ Box

The Big ‘2-minute’ Box comes with a wooden storage solution designed to help you set up the game in just 2 minutes. It will hold The Isle of Cats and all of its expansions, including the promos and Kickstarter Packs. It can be stored vertically or horizontally, fits sleeved cards, the large upgraded meeples, and even has room for an extra Bag’o’Fish, just in case you decide to double your supply.

  • 1 Big ‘2-minute’ Box with wooden insert

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Upgrade all of your cat meeples with this pack of extra large, screen printed cat figures.

  • 30 large cat meeples

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Upgrade all of your cardboard fish tokens with this pack of wooden fish. It contains enough fish to support 5 & 6 players for anyone who owns the Late Arrivals expansion.

  • 30 small fish meeples
  • 32 large fish meeples

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Pin collection

The pin collection consists of 6 hard enamel, black nickel pins. Each pin represents one of the cat families you will find on the island, the wise Vandermil, cute Oshax, happy Teruvian, fiesty Mhoxxite, sleepy Hissnipper, and the rebel Crystal Garmin.

  • A full set of 6 enamel pins

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