10 August 2016

We are pleased to announce we are working with Miles Ratcliffe from Chaos Publishing to organise regular playtest events in Bristol.

These sessions will be open to everyone and we strongly encourage you to come along.

Playtesting The City of Kings
Playtesting The City of Kings

Designed a game?

If you are a game designer and want to get feedback on your latest prototype, then get in touch and we’ll arrange a space for you at our next session. All you need to do is turn up with a playable prototype, and don’t worry about how it looks! As long as it can be played then it’s perfect!

You’ll get loads of helpful, honest feedback and a chance to chat with other designers about your ideas.

Enjoy playing games?

Even if you haven’t designed a game, playtesting sessions can be a lot of fun and who knows… You could be testing the next big thing! All games require honest feedback from a wide selection of testers and your opinion will always be valuable.

Playtesting games can be a great way to try something new, learn a little more about how games are made and it’s great fun.


The first event will be on Tuesday 16th August starting at 18:30, we’ll be at Chance & Counters and have arranged a discounted entry price for non members of £2.50.

For full details for the event can be found on meetup.com here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Game

A Cooperative Tabletop Adventure

The City of Kings is a tactical roleplaying board game for 1 - 4 players, where your character is tasked with exploring the hazardous world, trading for vital resources, and battling your enemies whilst uncovering a story of a world imperilled.

The City of Kings features full character customisation, resource management, board exploration and roleplaying style ‘quests’ for an innovative blend of gaming experience.


The World

The World

From the forgotten deserts to the lands beneath the waves, from the deep Elvish groves to the Vadora's blue mountains... All of it is falling, and the fight against the darkness has come to the last, most ancient city: The City of Kings.


Adventurers Needed!

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